Quaff Brewery | About us
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Who are we?

Roy is from London, England and Alex from Terrassa, Catalunya, Spain.
We met on a course in Barcelona and started brewing crafted beers together in Alex’s kitchen.
After occupying all of the fridges and most of the house we booted the car out and moved to the garage.
After more than a few adventures and the encouragement of enthusiastic thirsty friends we decided to have a go at turning our love for crafted beer in to Quaff Brewery…and here we are!

Why Quaff?

Quaff is, naturally, our favorite beery word. A quaffable beer is ideal to quench a raging thirst or simply to wet your whistle in a few satisfying gulps.
Sure we’ll make some beers to sup, sip or slurp but they’ll always be quaffable.



Crafted beer

We love making quaffable crafted beers that are a joy for everyone to drink.
They make us happy and we want you to share in the fun.
Everything we do from the beer, our labels, recommended glasses, etc., is about enjoyment.
So join the Q with a smile on your face and a strange glass in your hand!