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Serving and Storing Guide


05 Oct Serving and Storing Guide

Good beer should never be served very cold because the tongue’s taste receptors are inhibited at very low temperatures. Industrial brewers generally serve their beers very cold… think about it! Great for any beer you don’t ever want to taste!

A common myth is that English style beers are served at room temperature. They’re not. Traditionally they’re served at cellar temperature.

At present our beers are best served at cellar or cool temperatures and each has a suggested range.

Cellar temperature is from 12 to 14 ºC or 54 to 57 ºF.

Cool is from 8 to 12 ºC or 39 to 45 ºF.

But hey it’s your beer now so serve it as you like… but don’t freeze it to death!

Always store any good beer in a cool and dark place. Never in direct sunlight or at high temperatures… even the best ale, if mistreated, will end up smelling and tasting like a damp unkempt dog! Ok…we’ve never tasted damp dog but it’s got to be yukkie!

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